SKSG offers a varied selection of day care. For the very young, we have centres for day care and playgroups, and children who already go to primary school are welcome at the out-of-school, preschool and lunchtime childcare of SKSG. Would you like to have your child placed in a normal family environment? Children of the ages 0 to 13 can also go to one of our host families.

What type of childcare do you want?

Run the childcare check and see which form of childcare suits you best.


Check also at ‘extras’ for information to see what else we can offer you at our centres. For instance, you can opt for childcare with a specific vision (for example, Reggio Emilia or Anthroposophical childcare), for English-language childcare or for special sports-based out-of-school childcare. Children between the ages of three and six can go to the Junior childcare and if your child is eight years or older and is ready for a new challenge, you could choose to send him/her to an out-of-school childcare with a TOP programme. Please go to ‘extras’ for the locations where these are offered.