Contract forms

Not only do we offer a range of day care options, we also arrange the childcare to suit your needs. In addition to the regular childcare, it is also possible to have flexible childcare and besides the 52-week childcare, there is also the option of 40 weeks. Pretty useful when, for example, you have arranged your work around the summer holidays. It could be that you only need childcare in the school holidays or maybe incidental childcare. All the information relating to the extra options can be found here.

There is always a choice at SKSG!

After you have opted for a particular form of SKSG’s childcare, you can conclude a contract that it is aligned to your wishes.Do you need:

Regular childcare or flexible childcare? 52-week childcare, 40-week childcare or childcare in the holidays? Full-day childcare or half-day day care? (also with playgroup). Of course, it is possible to combine these options to a large extent. For example, you could have a flexible 40-week contract for day care. Additional options: Incidental childcare, extended childcare, childcare during study days. The menu on the right contains more information relating to the extra options. Run the childcare check and see which form of childcare and contract suits you best.