What do we provide?

SKSG provides high quality day care in and around the city of Groningen. All children and parents are welcome, because at SKSG, you arrange the childcare as suits you best!

There is always a choice at SKSG!

SKSG provides day care, playgroups, host families and out-of-school childcare, but within this selection, you can also choose anthroposophical childcare, English-language childcare or junior childcare.

And have you given any thought to how you want the childcare arranged? For instance, we offer 52-week childcare or 40-week childcare, depending on how you have arranged your work around the school holidays. Read on for all the information relating to the possible forms of childcare or run the childcare checkand find out which form of childcare suits you best.

Would you like to know more or have you any other wishes?

Have we forgotten something? Have you any other wishes or would you like to know more about our rates and options? Use the SKSG calculator to calculate the nets costs of your desired form of childcare or contract. If you have any questions, please use the chat option or contact our customer service for more information relating to the available options (050 – 317 13 90 or klantenservice@sksg.nl). They are happy to help!