About SKSG

“The best that you can become is yourself” At SKSG (Stichting Kinderopvang Stad Groningen), we understand that every child is unique and has different needs. Our more than sixty locations always ensure there is a daycare centre in the vicinity that suits your wishes. We provide all forms of professional day care at child centres and host families throughout the city of Groningen and the region. And we have been doing this for almost 115 years now! Our experience allows us to offer high-quality day care. Safe, varied and responsible childcare for children constitutes the mainstay of our pedagogical concept that is developed together with the parents and staff.

Mission and Vision

Our vision is self-aware, confident and independent children who choose their own path and (learn to) recognise and use their talents and possibilities. With respect for others, for the (living) environment and themselves. This is how the pedagogical staff and host families of SKSG treat the children each and every day. They give them personal attention and provide space in which they can discover the world, ensuring the children continue to develop further in a playful way.

SKSG’s mission is to guarantee professional day care in and around the city of Groningen. We see this as our social mandate and achieve it by providing safe, responsible and varied childcare with expert and motivated staff.

The story of SKSG

SKSG was founded in 1901 as a nursery school. With the support of the municipality it was possible to provide services free of charge. They were intended for 2-6 year olds from disadvantaged backgrounds. This afforded mothers the opportunity to work while the children were placed in a healthy environment, given loving care and take full advantage of the  opportunities open to them. Doctors voluntarily visited the locations and provided advice on hygiene and health, so that the infant mortality rate was reduced. Nowadays, day care is for everyone: every child is welcome.