Out-of-school childcare (BSO)

School-going children can go to our before and after school out-of-school childcare. Your child is picked up from school and brought to the out-of-school childcare by qualified pedagogic employees who give him or her their full attention. The children can have fun and play with children of their own age and take part in fun activities: leisure time in a rich learning environment.

Activities for every child

It is important for every child to be looked after in a familiar, relaxed atmosphere after school. That is why we give a lot time and attention every day to what your child has to tell of his/her day and to the assignments he or she did at school. Of course, your child can continue playing with children of his or her own age or withdraw to read a book quietly. In addition to this, we have a broad activities programme. Trips to the park, the petting farm or to the theatre or museum are organised regularly. We do of course take account of multiple intelligences: there is a suitable activity for every talent. And you’re in luck during the holidays too, because SKSG has pencilled in lots of spectacular SKSGXtra activities in the holidays.

We also have special TOP groups (Time for Rest and Fun) for children from the age of eight and older who are somewhat more independent and Junior childcare specifically for 3-6 year olds. Moreover, many of SKSG’s out-of-school childcare centres offer extra programmes in sport, homework supervision and nature education.

How does it work?

With after school childcare, children go directly after school until 6 pm to out-of-school childcare, mainly to a location that is affiliated to their school. While in before-school childcare (VSO), your child is looked after from 7:30 am and is brought to his or her classroom between 8:15 and 8:30 am. We are open the whole day in the holidays. Do you frequently have to stay behind at work? No problem: there is a range of options at SKSG. You can also choose our extended out-of-school childcare . SKSG collaborates closely with virtually all schools in the city and the Westerkwartier: together we guarantee that your child is well cared for outside school hours. There is always a place at the out-of-school childcare or with a host family for children of the collaborating schools. To see all our options for out-of-school childcare, check the various contract forms that SKSG offers. Childcare during lunch is not included under out-of-school childcare: SKSG provides Lunchtime childcare