Even if your child is a bit older, you still want the best ‘after school care’ available. The out-of-school childcare or host families of SKSG ensure that your child can play with children of his or her own age, or he/she can benefit from extra programmes. We also organise lots of fun activities and trips .

Whatever type of childcare you choose: here at SKSG, your child will receive the care and attention that you are entitled to expect. before, during as well as after school. Please feel free to inform yourself about the various forms of childcare at SKSG.  Allowing you to make the best choice possible for your child!

Choice of contract form

Not only do we offer a range of day care options, we also arrange the childcare to suit your needs. For instance, you could choose our 52-week childcare, but if you have arranged your work schedule around the school holidays, you could avail yourself of the 40-week option instead. It could be that you only need childcare in the school holidays or maybe incidental childcare. Everything is possible! The ‘What we offer’ menu item provides more information on the available options.

Interested in registering?

Would you like to immediately register your child here at SKSG? No problem. Just fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Or would you prefer to pay a visit to SKSG? Well of course that’s possible too! We look forward to seeing you at the SKSG location of your choice.

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