Playgroup (PSZ)

Playtime fun at a great location with other 2-4 year olds: this is possible in SKSG’s playgroup. Your toddler can putter away safely in different play/learning corners and take part in challenging, fun and educational activities. All toddlers are of course supervised by pedagogic staff who provide them with plenty of personal attention. Our playgroups are located throughout the city of Groningen and the Westerkwartier. Have a quick look at our location check for the playgroup near you!

Preparing your toddler for primary school

The playgroup will introduce your child to singing, being read to, fun exercise, and there will arts and crafts with materials like paints, clay, pencils, water and sand. Your child will also learn how to play and share with other toddlers in the group, which will make the step up to primary school that much easier. Our child centres also offer a range of extras, such as VVE (preschool and early childhood education) and other educational and fun programmes. This enables us to stimulate the emotional and social development of your child: an ideal preparation for primary school.

How does it work?

A playgroup place always consists of 2 day parts a week, 40 weeks a year. In Groningen and Leek, you are free to choose the day parts yourself, provided of course places are available on the day parts you choose. Most playgroups in Westerkwartier offer fixed combinations of day parts. A morning is from 8.30 am to 11.30 am and an afternoon is from 1 pm to 4 pm, but this may vary somewhat from location to location. Read more about Playgroup at SKSG here.

Would you like to know more?

Are you still unsure about the form of childcare that suits you and your child best? We will gladly help you with your choice! Run the childcare check, calculate the cost of your desired form of childcare using the day care calculator or contact our customer service for more information on (050 – 317 1390 or via